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Lost and Found Items

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If you are missing or have found any swim team items, please e-mail  I will make a list and we will try to get everyone their items back.  Thanks.
Please also let me know when lost or found items are resolved to eliminate congestion on this page.  :)

Lost Items:

Saturday 12/13/08 swim meet, left a pair of dark blue croc type shoes on deck (size 6). If anyone picked them up let me know. Amy Marsh (
After practice on Wednesday 12/10/08 Grant Hernady was only able to find one of his swim fins.  Someone had accidentally picked it up at put it in the fin cart, but there was only one there.  They are blue and orange (with orange on the heel- size xxs 1-3)  They have "Hernady" written on them although the writing is wearing off.  If anyone accidentally picked it up or saw it somewhere, please email or call (585) 377-9302.
Dominic Lamb is missing his Tiger swim team suit.  He lost it at the meet in Gananda 12/6/08.  Please call his mom Anna at 671-7784 or 455-5033.
Zack Serio is missing his black tiger team hoodie since the last Greece meet.
it has his name embroidered on it and written inside the neck.
call 671-3353 if you find it